How do improve looks – you improve your looks 10 Ways to actually become a handsome man

If you improve your looks, you will improve your results with women. Here are 10 Ways to actually become a handsome man. All of these tips improved both my looks and confidence drastically.

1.  Get a New Haircut

Your hair is extremely important and can really make or break a face. If an attractive guy has a bad haircut, he will lose a few points on the looks scale. I used to think I looked fine with buzzcuts, little did I know my face shape/features weren’t suitable for really short hair. I realized this after getting feedback from others who told me, “It looks bad, you need more hair on the top of your head.

Find a nice haircut that is suitable for your face. People like symmetry, so having really messy hair and bangs in your face isn’t the way to go. Your hairstyle should complement your head, If you have a tall or big forehead, cover it up a bit.

The ideal hairline for a man should be straight across, and the whole hairline should have a squared look, instead of rounded like a woman’s hairline.

2. Take care of your Eyebrows. (if necessary)

Some guys don’t need to mess with their eyebrows, so this may not apply to you.

Never wax your eyebrows, only pluck and trim them. They need to look natural.

But if you have a unibrow, or really thick eyebrows you might want to consider doing something about it. Don’t go too far and end up making them super thin and angled like a woman’s eyebrows. If you are having trouble you could go to a nice barber shop/stylist and ask them what they think.

Masculine eyebrows are generally a straight line, or only slightly angled up at the ends. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT pluck your brows so they give you a circular feminine look.

They should roughly look like this, but if you really wanted you could clean up the stray hairs near the end below the eyebrow. They don’t need to look perfect.

3. Practice Good Hygiene.  

This means showering every single day. I also like to shower before I go out at night to a party or club.

Always wear deodorant, and if you like cologne, make sure it isn’t too strong. Nobody likes the guy who puts on too much fragrance.

I’m personally wearing this cologne, Cool Water By Davidoff For Men, and it’s pretty cheap compared to other brands, it is certainly not an overpowering scent. Women have also told me they really liked the smell. Cologne isn’t necessary but can be a nice addition.

Other than that, why wouldn’t you want to look good and smell nice? You have no excuses for not taking care of yourself.

4. Get Rid of Acne and Improve your Skin. 

Your skin is extremely important.There is a reason why women care so much about their own skin, and wear a lot of make up. And if you have really bad acne that can certainly make you unattractive.

If your acne is out of control, I’d honestly recommend accutane. My acne hasn’t been remotely bad since my early high school years, but I still wash my face with expensive soap everyday. If you have clear and flawless skin you will certainly feel more confident in yourself.

I also use a clay facial mask every once in a while. It received great reviews all over the internet, so I bought it and it really cleared up my skin. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, it worked better for me than any acne medication I’ve ever tried. (not that I’ve tried many)


5. Shave Everyday or Groom your Facial Hair.

I shave everyday and it definitely helps my skin quality, I use a moisturizer/after shave immediately after shaving. Most women love clean shaven faces, but many women find beards and stubble attractive as well.

If you want a beard, remember to keep your beard clean and groomed. Facial hair that resembles pubic hair, or looks messy and unkempt is not attractive. A good route for those uncertain is the 5 o’clock shadow look that definitely works for some guys. Do a quick google search on how to trim and shave properly for different looks.

6. Whiten or Straighten your Teeth.

Brush everyday, hopefully a few times a day, that should be common sense. Floss often, and if you have yellow teeth invest in whitening strips. Women love a guy with a nice smile, and I can tell you having glowing white teeth really improves your looks.

If you get bad breath a lot, carry around gum or breath mints. Bad breath is a massive turn off.

If you’re teeth are crooked or you have a gap, you might want to consider getting braces. If you’re an adult, consider those invisalign braces if you don’t want people to notice them.

7. Change your Wardrobe. Dress Well.

I started asking myself an important question everyday before leaving the house, “Would an attractive man wear this?” If the answer is no, I usually change my clothes.

If you dress poorly it can really affect how people treat you, especially women. There are many social experiments on this actually.

In one experiment, they showed a picture of one man dressed in a certain outfit and asked women on the street to rate him. One outfit was a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, while the other picture was the same man but sharply dressed in a button down and a nice coat. They only showed each group of women one of the pictures and asked them to rate his looks. Apparently, women rated the same man in the nicely dressed outfit 3 points higher on average than the other outfit. That shouldn’t be surprising.

Wearing sweatpants and hoodies all the time isn’t a good thing either. Sweats are great for the gym or a lazy day but going out in them isn’t exactly a good idea. Women like a well dressed man for many reasons. I’m not telling you that you need to walk around in a button down and khakis all the time, but find a style that suits you.

Remember to dress for your age. I see so many guys in their 20s wearing snapback hats and logo T-shirts, which makes them look like they are stuck in their teenage years.

8. Work on your Posture. Stand like a Man. 

This is really important.

If you walk around slouched over and staring at the ground, don’t expect people to notice you.

“Stand up straight“ is the advice I heard so many times growing up. And I’m glad I did.

I used to be a fat kid with man boobs so I always walked slouched over to hide them.

According to studies, 55% of communication is body language; this means the way you carry yourself and your body language is absolutely vital for improving the way others perceive you.

Walk like somebody who is important, someone who is better than the rest.

Chest out, shoulders relaxed and eyes forward.

9. Become a More Social Person. 

This is the only suggestion not based solely on your looks, but it really makes a difference.

If you’re naturally introverted this can be a challenge. But being social doesn’t mean you have to do all the talking. You can sit back and listen, contributing every now and then. Plus most people enjoy talking about themselves, so asking questions and listening can actually benefit you more than it can harm you.

People were designed to be social and it’s an attractive quality in a person. Start putting yourself out there more often.

10. Of course, Start Lifting Weights. 

Lifting weights can be one of the biggest factors in improving your looks.

Whether you go from skinny to jacked, or from fat to ripped. If you lift weights consistently you will create better looking body. Your muscles will be bigger creating that broad shouldered, V-Taper look that women like. If you don’t know where to start on lifting, check out Building Muscle for Beginners.

Lifting can also improve the way your face looks. Many guys that gain a lot of muscle also grow in their facial structure. Often you’ll see that your jaw muscles will grow and you’ll appear much more masculine.

Having Low Body Fat is also important because it will show off your masculine facial features, like your jawline and cheekbones. If anything, achieving low body fat is more important that getting huge. Ideally, aim for 10% bodyfat.

Take a look at these transformation pictures I found in a thread. Some of these people look like models now, and I think some are celebrities.

A lot of these guys gained muscle, have low body fat and got better haircuts. It made a huge difference.

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